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Implementing the regional development strategy,Building brand of wheel excavatorProvides the high performance-to-price ratio wheel excavator for the user
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The excavator with high performance-to-price ratio comes from Haihua heavy industryInternational Technology and productsDomestic price feedbackLow fuel consumption/fast speed/gentle movement/high efficiency

The power system is energy-efficient

International famous brand engine

AdoptFEV , Germany,The technology is mature, reliable and durable

Reserve ratio of powerful Torque15%Above

Low fuel consumption

The hydraulic system matches the engine design perfectly

Multiple Experiments, tests,A matching hydraulic system

Experienced industry designers develop the mix

Hydraulic fittings are available inJapan, GermanyMainly, are mature brands

Compound actionSoft coordination, good speed

Structural components are strong, high performance, durable

ChoicestWell-known manufacturerSteel, manganese plate, multi-pass welding, strong and durable

To deal with all kinds of bad conditions,Crack-free weldingPhenomenon

Scoop bucket: 406 High Strength Iron Plate,Unified Boring and punching

The walking and turning systems, electrical systems and four-wheel belt systems all adopt international mature products,Stable and reliable performance, long life

High efficiency

The bucket capacity of similar excavators is large, and the working efficiency is highIncrease by 20%

The area of oil tank and radiator will be increased,Long-lasting and efficientWork

The diameter of the joint of the hydraulic component is increased,Coordination, quick response

How Does Kam Hoi Wah teach youCalculate value for money

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Financial BillsKam Hoi Wah excavatorpkOther domestic excavators of the same typeKam Hoi Wah excavatorpkJoint Venture excavator of the same model
EfficiencyMore efficient25%,Earth work
Our car is eight hours ahead of its model 200 square meters
Equivalent efficiency
BenefitsAlso, it costs US less to load a shovel30 cents
Profit per day. Net profit per day $200
After three years of the same work, the net profit will be higher10万
Cost recovery time advanced1-2 years
ConfigurationHydraulic parts to Japanese, Korean, german-based
Domestic Assembly of international brands
Equal configuration

Hot Products

HH-E85W-9T Wheel excavator
With glass openable skylight, beautiful and generous, Ergonomic design space, wide and comfortable operating space, cold heating air-conditioning, flexible shaft control, adjustable suspension seat, open field of vision, provide users with a different operating mood.

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wheeled excavator factory of Xiamen Jin Haihua Construction Machinery Co.,ltd .land located in the famous tourist destination, the country's leading construction machinery production and sales base ---- Xiamen.         Xiamen Jin Haihua Construction Machinery Co.,ltd wheeled excavator has its own technical services team, in addition to its own research and development and production, but also reference and absorption of foreign advanced technology of similar models. Its services include: when installed with the bucket and various attachments), a small hydraulic excavator Backhoe (picking up machine), is a versatile earthwork construction machinery, mainly for earthwork excavation, loading, but also land leveling, slope repair, lifting, crushing, demolition, trenching and other operations, so this kind of machine has been widely used in road construction roads, railways, bridges, construction, urban construction, airports, ports and water conservancy construction. Sales and service network in Xiamen Jin Haihua Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., covering a number of cities and regions at home and abroad, to provide users with sales, spare parts supply, maintenance and technical guidance, such as full service.         Looking to the future, Xiamen Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd. Jin Haihua wheeled excavators will give full play to their own advantages, the implementation of regional development strategies, to create a leading brand Wheeled excavators, provide users with cost-effective wheeled excavators.

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